Alphavars student affairs

I’ve worked in student affairs for almost 30 years and have learned to clearly articulate the benefits of student life to many students, faculty members and parents. The argument is really quite simple: a student only spends about 15 hours a week in class and another 15 hours a week studying. Allowing time for sleeping and getting ready in the morning, that leaves about 80 waking hours a week when a student is neither in class nor studying for one.

That’s the equivalent of two 40-hour workweeks within one week. And that time is when most student affairs and academic support staff attempt to make a meaningful impact through living-learning experiences, student organization involvement, intramurals and fitness classes, tutoring, career advising, mentoring, volunteering, and the like. For decades, student affairs staff like me have argued that we can have just as much, if not more, of an impact on students.

Nyonyo Philip,

Dean of Students