Ephraim Xlornyeku

Student Council Executive President

Ephraim, popularly known as Bills, is a Petroleum Engineering student. He enjoys singing, doing on excursion and photography. He is currently on a field trip learning more about the petroleum industry and is a member of the Tourism Society Club. Concerned about student involvement and participation, he aims to make Alphavars a more vibrant campus by giving clubs the necessary support they need and providing a wide variety of events for students through innovation.

Assana Iddrisu

Student Council Executive Vice President

Assana is a Physician Assistantship student. She is very interested in health care and is currently the vice president for the Student Council. She believes in the power of teamwork and perseverance to achieve goals and aspiration and also believes in creating a conducive environment for student to study at Alpha. She is working very hard at Alphavars to become a medical doctor, her dream job in future. She is currently having a part-time job in Legon Hospital were she is building more experience in her field of work

Lucille Sitsope Doe

Student Council Executive Organizer

Lucille is a Physician Assistantship student. She is very smart and influential, enjoys teamwork and always love to teach people the importance of teamwork. She enjoys talking to people and making them happy. She also enjoys watching cooking shows and watching movies. Lucille is very passionate about helping people achieve their aspiration, and making impact, so she joined the Alpha Foundation.
The foundation is fired by the initial drive towards education for underprivileged children, creating access to ICT for rural children, health care sensitization and support for the deprived.

Prince Martinson

PASAG National Southern Sector Chairman

Martinson is a Physician Assistantship. He is very enthusiastic about sports, dance, music, art, food, fashion, beauty and trying new experiences. He believes in facing the challenges of the world by understanding the negative nature of the world and remodifying it in a positive way. Prince believes that individual personalities should be celebrated and hopes to integrate his belief in diversity and inclusion with his duties a PASAG National chairperson.