Bachelor of science nursing

The Bachelor of Nursing programme is intended to produce competent professional nurses who will give quality health care and services in the community, clinics and hospitals; nurses that will give emotional support to clients and their relatives by collaborating with other health workers. The goal of the programme, therefore, is to produce a professional nurse who will provide nursing care and services under the supervision of senior professional nurses, both in the clinical and community settings, with emphasis on nursing operational research, which will help to provide information for quality of nursing education and practice (care).

Why Alpha

Alpha is a specialist medical and research based university. We pride ourselves in being focused and driven by excellence in healthcare. Alpha offers you a higher value proposition by equipping you with a:

  1. Complex set of health skills and knowledge gained from a higher level of effective interaction within a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.
  2. Set of competencies that greatly enhances your ability and prepare you early in your career as a health professional to pursue more challenging roles and provide a platform for a better career enhancement.
  3. Research based approach that offer unique opportunities, providing updates in specialized clinical areas, systems and management while adding a highly relevant specific national and international health focus.
  4. Discipline in both work ethics and personal conduct, recognising that a sense of justice and fairness is essential to self development process.
  5. Awareness and recognition that the promotion of a positive self image is key to professional development and success.

Details of Entry Requirements

Ghanaian Applicants

  1. SSSCE/WASSCE: An SSSCE or WASSCE candidate must have credit passes in the three core subjects, namely English Language, Integrated Science, Mathematics, and any other three elective subjects preferably Physics, Chemistry, Biology and elective mathematics.
  2. Candidates must have a total minimum aggregate score of 24 or better in the WAEC. Combination of SSSCE and WASSCE is not acceptable. The qualifying candidate will be admitted to level 100 to pursue an 8- semester BSc programme. WASSCE and SSSCE results are not counted together.
  3. GCE or IGCE Advanced Level holders should have at least a grade C in English, Mathematics and any other three subjects preferably Physics, Chemistry, Biology or mathematics
  4. Diploma holders in Registered General Nursing with preferably THREE years of working experience and a good pass at the diploma level. Diploma holders will be admitted to level 200 or 300 to pursue a 6 or 4-semester BSc programme depending on assessment at interview.
  5. If you completed any of the above qualifications for more than 6 years you WOULD be considered a mature candidate and upon assessment at interview may be required to take a compulsory THREE MONTHS access course.
  6. Certificate as a State Registered Nurse or Community Health Officer with preferably THREE years of working experience and a good pass at the certificate level shall be required to sit an entrance examination and attend a selection interview and admitted at level 100.

Foreign Students Requirements: 

foreign students must have their result slips translated into English. In addition, applicants must be able to speak and write in English.

  1. Other Entry Qualifications for Admissions: Candidates with the Diploma In Registered Nursing (RN) from recognized institutions may apply. Such candidates may transfer credits  from their previous course of studies, with appropriate recommendations and references. Applicants with State Registered Nurses’ (SRN) qualification from recognized health institutions and with a minimum of 3 years of practice.

All applicants to the School of Allied Health Sciences will be interviewed.

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